Frequently Asked Questions


How much will WiBand’s services cost my Company?

Every business is different and every solution is custom built to suit the unique requirements of each customer we serve.  To determine what your business needs and the cost of WiBand services please contact your local Account Executive.

What happens if I go over my monthly usage allowance? Are there unlimited usage options?

If you go over your usage allowance, you will receive an overage invoice with the per GB overage charge noted on your Service Agreement – this varies depending on your service package. From there, you can discuss options for increasing your monthly pre-paid usage allowance with your Account Executive. We do offer unmetered/unlimited services. For more information and pricing on unmetered/ unlimited services please contact your local Account Executive.


What do you need to do to install WiBand services?

Once you have decided to move forward with WiBand’s services, your local Field Services Manager will arrange a physical site survey of your location to determine what equipment is required. A typical wireless installation consists of a small radio (about the size of a notebook computer) which is placed on the roof of your building, from which Cat-5 cable is run to the termination point of your choice within your office.

How long will it take until my WiBand service is installed?

WiBand’s typical installation timeline is between 2 and 6 weeks – it varies depending on what services are being delivered, what kind of equipment we require and how many pending installs there are at the time you sign a Service Agreement. WiBand can also provide expedited installation in as little as 24 hours. Please contact your local WiBand Account Executive for more information.

What happens if we move our office?

Due to the portability of our equipment, we simply move with you to your new location. To help you with your move, we can often arrange to have both locations running in tandem – this helps minimize downtime and allows you the flexibility to work from either office while you move.

Service & Performance

How does WiBand’s wireless service compare to DSL or Cable Service? To fibre service?

CABLE/DSL: Cable/DSL service lacks upload bandwidth which often makes it difficult for businesses to run certain applications properly or complete large file transfers, back-ups etc. Other drawbacks include lack of service guarantees and extreme congestion from multiple users. The benefits of Cable and DSL include its relatively low monthly and installation cost and its high download speeds.

FIBRE: The major disadvantage of fibre is the installation cost where there is no existing fibre infrastructure, however often the ongoing monthly fees required are also typically too expensive for most small/medium businesses. The benefits of fibre are its reliability, flexibility and high speed.

WIRELESS: Like fibre, wireless service allows businesses to run sophisticated applications such as Terminal Services, Voice Over IP phones and video conferencing and carries service level guarantees that DSL and cable do not. The major benefit of wireless over fibre is the low installation cost and the time it takes to install service.
For more information on the differences between wireless and wired services please contact your local Account Executive.

Is WiBand service secure?

All of WiBand Communications’ equipment is heavily encrypted and just as secure as a wired Telco connection.

Does WiBand’s wireless service have the same upload and download speeds?

Yes. All of WiBand’s services are all fully symmetrical and provide the same upload and download speeds.

Can I use VOIP on WiBand Communications’ service?

Yes. Many of our clients use (and purchased specifically) our services to facilitate their VOIP solution due to the low jitter, latency and packet loss on WiBand’s network.

What is a “Service Level Agreement”? What happens if WiBand doesn’t meet the “Service Level Agreement”?

A Service Level Agreement is a guarantee – it is our promise that the service we deliver will meet or exceed your expectations. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.9% up-time, less than 4 hour mean-time-to-repair, less than 60 ms latency and less than 1% packet loss.


How do weather conditions affect WiBand’s wireless services?

WiBand deploys the latest wireless broadband technology installed by a team of highly skilled Field Services Technicians who ensure each connection is engineered to a minimum 99.995% up-time and reliability. Each connection is engineered for the specific weather conditions in the region of service and our “smart” radios adjust themselves to withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

Weather does not affect our service.

Where does WiBand provide service? What are your coverage areas?

WiBand provides commercial service throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Please contact your local Account Executive to find out what services are available in your area.